Redfern Station Upgrade - New Southern Concourse


Project overview

The NSW Government has improved accessibility at Redfern Station.

The new Southern Concourse was delivered by the NSW Government as part of the Transport Access Program, an initiative to provide a better experience for public transport passengers by delivering accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure across the state.

Key benefits

  • Easy access to platforms 1 to 10 with 6 new stairs and lifts.
  • Better connectivity with the surrounding areas including key destinations such as South Eveleigh (formerly known as Australian Technology Park), and education centres.


Upgrading Redfern Station is the first step in renewing the Redfern North Eveleigh precinct.



Local road changes and Little Eveleigh Street shared zone operation

In collaboration with City of Sydney Council, we are making changes to the traffic arrangements around Redfern Station to ensure the safe operation of local roads, including the Little Eveleigh Street shared zone.

In August and September 2023, nearby residents were invited to ‘have their say’ on the proposed road changes.

In November, a community meeting provided an additional forum for the community to provide feedback on the proposal.

Using the community’s feedback, Transport and City of Sydney Council have refined and confirmed the road and traffic proposal.

Information about what we heard from the community, and how the community’s feedback was used to refine the proposal to provide the best possible outcome for users of the shared zone and surrounding roads, can be found in the Report below:  

Community access gates across the New Southern Concourse

For members of the public wishing to cross from one side of Redfern Station to the other, the new southern concourse features barrier-free community access gates at the Marian Street and Little Eveleigh Street entrances.

The community access gates remain open during the station’s operational times (approx. 4.30am to 1.30am each day) to allow pedestrians and cyclists (dismounted) to cross the new concourse without tapping an Opal or credit card.

When the station is closed, pedestrians and cyclists should use the Lawson Street bridge to cross the rail tracks.

For train passengers using the new concourse to access or exit the station’s platforms, standard Opal and wide gates are in place at both entrances.

Project status

While construction of the new concourse and entrances is complete, some finishing activities will be completed before the team leaves site and removes the construction compound.

Work will include:

  • roadwork on Wilson, Ivy, Little Eveleigh, and Lawson streets
  • installation of a traffic island on Wilson Street
  • installation of street furniture, light poles, signposts and signs
  • minor defect rectifications

Community notification: March 2024 (PDF, 361.9 KB)

Thank you

We would like to thank the community for their understanding and express our gratitude to those affected during project’s delivery.

We understand that construction work – particularly activities involving the rail corridor, where work is regularly scheduled on weekend and late at night – can be disruptive and inconvenient.

View the project completion newsletter (PDF, 2.28 MB).

We would like to thank the community and nearby stakeholders for their patience and understanding while we delivered this important work.

Access to Platforms 11 and 12

The NSW Government is investigating development options for the land to the east of Redfern Station to improve access to Platforms 11 and 12.

As these platforms are underground, it makes the options and any future works more complex.

Improved access to the T4 Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line will make Redfern Station fully accessible and Disability Discrimination Act compliant. It will also improve connections to the bus interchange on Gibbons Street and the new Southern Concourse.

When a preferred accessibility design for Platforms 11 and 12 is determined, Transport for NSW will consult with the community, stakeholders and station users on the proposal.

The new concourse delivered as part of the Redfern Station Upgrade, services the ten above ground platforms at Redfern, which are separate to the two Eastern Suburbs platforms. Rather than wait for the underground platforms, it was decided that greater accessibility through this new concourse should be delivered as an earlier, and separate piece of work.

Relocating a 130-year-old heritage building at Redfern Station  

Weighing 70 tonnes, the heritage building travelled 18 metres down Platform 1 to its new home. The building was moved to ensure the new Southern Concourse stairs and lift shafts did not interfere with the structure of the building.  

It is believed the building was constructed in 1884 and has served a number of purposes over the years, including an electrical workshop, ticket office, station office, and a railway telegraph office.  

The move took two days to complete, but can be viewed in just one minute via the time-lapse video below.

For further information about the Redfern's Platform 1 building and heritage gardens, please see the link below:
Redfern Station: Platform 1 heritage building and gardens (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Keep in touch

If you would like to receive project updates please contact us on 1800 684 490, email, or mail 'Redfern Station Upgrade - New Southern Concourse', PO Box K659, Haymarket NSW 1240, with the reference number of SSI-10041.

For urgent enquiries, you can also call our 24-hour Construction line on 1800 775 465.

You can also view the project planning pathways and information directly, or contact the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) by clicking here.

Community notifications

Community notification: March 2024 (PDF, 361.9 KB)

Community notification: February 2024 (PDF, 356.07 KB)

Community notification: Lawson Street roadworks January 2024 (PDF, 158.82 KB)

Community notification: January 2024 (PDF, 378.14 KB)

Community notification: Lawson Street roadwork December 2023 (PDF, 609.34 KB)

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Community notification: completion newsletter October 2023 (PDF, 2.28 MB)

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Community newsletter: June 2023 look ahead (PDF, 517.89 KB)

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Community notification: Special Lawson Street work - May 2023 (PDF, 232.65 KB)

Community notification: May 2023 (PDF, 400.85 KB)

Community notification: Lawson Street road work May 2023 (PDF, 392.74 KB)

Community notification: April 2023 (PDF, 393.4 KB)

Community newsletter: March 2023 look ahead (PDF, 1.63 MB)

Community notification: March 2023 (PDF, 460.02 KB)

Community notification: February 2023 (PDF, 725.11 KB)

Community notification: January 2023 (PDF, 500.43 KB) 

Community notification: Ivy Street footpath widening January 2023 (PDF, 611.67 KB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Newsletter December 2022 (PDF, 1.89 MB)

Community Notification: December 2022 (PDF, 568.18 KB)

Community Notification: November 2022 (PDF, 757.99 KB)

Community Notification: October 2022 (PDF, 658.56 KB) 

Redfern Station Upgrade Newsletter September 2022 (PDF, 890.11 KB)

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Additional Community Notification: August 2022 - mid-week work (PDF, 252.09 KB)

Community Notification: August 2022 (PDF, 697.92 KB)

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Redfern Station Upgrade Newsletter June 2022 (PDF, 851.5 KB)

Community Notification: June 2022 (PDF, 632.61 KB)

Community Notification: May 2022 (PDF, 724.45 KB)

Community Notification: April 2022 (PDF, 717.11 KB)

Additional Community Notification: March 2022 - parking removal (PDF, 447.15 KB)

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Redfern Station Upgrade Newsletter March 2022 (PDF, 681.22 KB)

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Community Notification: February 2022 (PDF, 322.23 KB)

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Little Eveleigh Street Update: January 2022 (PDF, 905.87 KB)

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Redfern Station Upgrade Newsletter December 2021 (PDF, 655.54 KB)

Community Notification: December 2021 (PDF, 383.17 KB)

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Community Notification: October 2021 (PDF, 227.77 KB)

Community Notification: September 2021 (PDF, 250.64 KB)

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Redfern Station Upgrade Newsletter June 2021 (PDF, 1.23 MB)

Community Notification: June 2021 (PDF, 462.11 KB)

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Redfern Station Upgrade Project Update December 2020 (PDF, 507.68 KB)

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Community Notification: March 2020 (PDF, 2.52 MB)

Community Notification: December 2019 (PDF, 556.56 KB)

Community Notification: July 2019 (PDF, 877.67 KB)

Consultation documents

Current project documents

Management Plans 

Redfern Station Upgrade Urban Design Public Domain Plan (PDF, 53.12 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Construction Heritage Management Plan  (PDF, 2.04 MB)​​​​​​ (PDF, 17.71 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan (PDF, 12.92 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Independent Environmental Audit  (PDF, 3.33 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Independent Environmental Audit version two (PDF, 4.03 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Independent Environmental Audit version three (PDF, 4.91 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Independent Environmental Audit version four (PDF, 4.66 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Independent Environmental Audit version five (PDF, 6.05 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Out of Hours Work Protocol (PDF, 1020.69 KB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Community Liaison Management Plan  (PDF, 2.01 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Site Establishment and Enabling Working Management Plan (PDF, 30.82 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan  (PDF, 19.07 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Historical Archaeology Research Design and Excavation Methodology (PDF, 31.17 MB) 

Redfern Station Upgrade Unexpected Contamination and Asbestos Finds Procedure  (PDF, 332.16 KB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Unexpected Heritage Finds and Human Remains Procedure (PDF, 830.34 KB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Appointment of Experts (PDF, 107.4 KB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Approval of Plan Strategy or Study (Out of Hours Work Protocol) (PDF, 88.72 KB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Traffic Management Plan (PDF, 10.42 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Soil, Contamination and Water Management Plan  (PDF, 9.21 MB)

Redfern Station Upgrade Construction Environmental Management Plan (PDF, 2.87 MB)

Planning documents

Station information

Please visit the Redfern Station webpage for information on station facilities and transport services.